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Otakar Kramsky, legendary hillclimb racer, died in accident

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kramsky fatal accident rip

Otakar Kramsky, on of the most iconic european hillclimb drivers, died due to accident in Rechberg, Austria. The tragedy happened during the training day, Saturday 25th April 2015 on Austrian famous hillclimb track in Rechberg. Kramsky and his formula car were famous parts of european hillclimb tracks, unfortunately last Saturday his car had fatal technical failure and Ota crashed in 220 km/h. He immediately died – but he died doing what he loved. RIP

Czech racer Otakar Kramský was 55 year old this year. During his long racing life he had many motorsports wins and succeses. He became European hillclimb racing champion for three times and he was the real star of european car racing. The training day in Rechberg was closed after the champions death. It was a pity, that organizators did not share any official statement until the Saturdays evening.

kramsky fatal crash photo

Kramsky – photo after the fatal crash


Later official statement claimed that the Kramsky´s monopostReynard K15 Zytec had problems with rear wheels, which suddenly blocked themselves and the racing car directly hit the tree. Due to visitors (infact eyewitnesses) nobody could survive something like that. The legendary racer Ota Kramsky had gone to the racing heaven.

kramsky and his monopost RIP

Ota Kramsky and his formula RIP


During the same weekend there was also another famous hillclimb event, in the Italy. The news of Kramsky´s horrible accident moved quickly around the racing world and arrived also to Italy racing event. The winner of hillclimb in Trentino, Italian racer Christiano Merli later said: “I needed to dedicate the victory to Otakar Kramsky , who on Saturday, in a horrible accident in Rechberg in Austria, has died. Quite sorry.”


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